APEX will
focus its energy
on your energy issues.

About APEX Power

APEX Power Services Corporation offers specialized energy consulting services to commercial and industrial consumers of electricity. APEX understands the competitive pressures facing businesses: pressures to increase productivity, to reduce production costs - especially energy costs - and to optimize the use of business resources.

How a business responds to these pressures can mean the difference between world-class and mediocre performance. Quiet changes are now taking place that can provide businesses with new ways to address competitive pressures.

Quiet changes have brought competition into the retail electric production and supply markets - essentially following in the footsteps of the transportation, natural gas and telephone industries. Electric utilities, which have long benefited from competition-free monopoly status, are now facing competitive pressures brought about by new regulatory policy focus.

Perhaps more importantly, international and geo-political events are placing a premium on certain "non-traditional" energy resources - referred to generically as "renewable" or "green" energy. Renewable energy assets can play a major role in optimizing financial returns, hedging electric cost, and increasing security of energy supply for those firms taking a forward view.

Renewable energy credits, renewable energy portfolios, investment and production tax credits, greenhouse gas credits, non-energy attributes and similar elements can present unique financial rewards to those companies that are well versed or well advised on how best to navigate the complex regulatory maze.

APEX professionals possess a powerful combination of engineering, financial, operational, regulatory, and technical expertise, which is truly unique among consulting firms. This expertise assures that APEX clients will fully benefit from the opportunities presented, while avoiding the risks created by seemingly on-going changes in the electric utility and energy markets.

If you demand efficiency, productivity and optimum resource utilization from your employees, it can be cost-effective to retain a qualified energy consultant. APEX can facilitate resolution of energy cost concerns, thereby allowing your employees to concentrate on your core business.

Think of APEX as a specialized "out-source" which brings it's expertise to bear on the electric cost goals and concerns of its clients now and into the energy future. Let APEX focus its energy on controlling and reducing your energy costs.

APEX Client Guarantee

"APEX guarantees to provide the highest level of customer service available in the energy consulting/services industry by: adhering to high standards of professionalism and integrity; delivering superior technical expertise, analysis, advice and support; teaming only with proven, reliable suppliers who share common standards of excellence; adopting innovative techniques to achieve optimum results for each customer's unique situation; and, committing to principles of total quality management."

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